Painters in Residence (PIR)


What is the Painters in Residence Program?

Annie established her Painters in Residence program to promote inspirational ways of using Chalk Paint ™ through collaboration with creative painters around the world. Painters are selected by Annie based on their individual style and the interesting work they create. Painter in Residence from the UK, Jonathon Marc Mendes will be attending the market and will be teaching workshops. Recently appointed Painter in Residence, Jeanie Simpson from New Zealand, will also be at the market demonstrating her unique style. Annie Sloan will introduce her next Painter in Residence during ‘An Audience with Annie Sloan’ at the market.


Jonathon Marc Mendes

Painter in Residence

Jonathon Marc Mendes is a UK-based painter, internationally known for being an Annie Sloan Painter in Residence and for his ability to adapt his style to the particular piece he is painting and not simply adhere to one single technique or style.  

This is the first time an Annie Sloan “Painter in Residence” will be demonstrating their work in Australia at the “Makers and Painters Market” in Melbourne 2018.  It is a great opportunity to see Jonathon at work and gain first-hand knowledge and tips. He will be teaching at two different workshops.

Jeanie Simpson

Current Painter in Residence

Jeanie Simpson lives on an hill country sheep farm in the Tararua region of New Zealand. Annie Sloan discovered her work on Instagram whilst browsing the hashtags #AnnieSloan #ChalkPaint.
With two small children and little spare time, Jeanie began upcycling furniture and homewares. She has always had a strong interest in art and design and meticulously researches her chosen theme for each piece.
Jeanie’s passionate about reusing tired, unloved furniture from the past because of the better quality of workmanship and materials and the sense of history not seen in modern pieces.
Meet Jeanie at the Makers and Painters Market where she will be showcasing pattern and mark-making in the Demonstration Program.


Painter in Residence

News Flash: Annie Sloan will be announcing the appointment of a new Australian Painter in Residence at the Makers and Painters market during the Audience with Annie Sloan session.

Beau Ford

Painter in Residence

Having such a great response to her upcycled painted furniture on Facebook, Beau created her business Drip Designs Furniture. After seeing Beau’s furniture painted with Chalk Paint™️ on social media, Annie Sloan contacted her to propose she become one of the first Painters in Residence, a newly created programme Annie was launching. Beau is the only Australian Painter in Residence and will be attending the Makers and Painters Market all the way from Perth.

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